a gun that could kill God

this is my favorite episode of aqua teen hunger force and also just very formative for me 

If you send me your address there’s a good chance that sometime within the next month I’ll mail you an assorted package of my artwork (some of the drawings you see here may be included!) that I don’t intend to keep for any portfolios and you can use to hang on your wall or throw in the garbage or bury in the woods or anything you want really! 


like for jesus. ignore for satan. reblog for APJVFF.






this is actually how abortion works. stay informed.


this is so wild

so incredibly wild

America’s the coolest country 

this isn’t a sexist thing but if I had to eat a human I would definitely prefer to eat a woman over a man 

I still don’t really know who lilly allen is beyond putting out that one song a few months ago that people got mad at for some reason that I didn’t care enough about to look into and now having a song called sheezus, at this point it’s more of a conscious decision to not learn who she is though 

RATKING - Protein
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I was unintentionally walking around with 5 lighters on my person today